Creative Management

As a creative consultant, Jeremiah has a lot of experience in many areas of the creative work cycle.

Project Management Software

With experience using multiple project management applications,he has found a way to streamline and customize the creative workflow for individual departments and agencies. Depending on the need, Jeremiah can help you update or establish a streamlined workflow system that your creative employees and clients will both love.

Basecamp • Trello • Freshdesk • Slack

Inventory Management Software

With multiple years of creative studio management, Jeremiah has found a few different ways to keep all creative assets organized. That means you’ll know where your inventory is being used, when it needs to get cleaned or sent in for maintenance, and that it is always located where it should be.

Cheqroom • Google Drive

Marketing For Creatives

With his background in design and marketing, Jeremiah is able to operate as a bridge between the creative industry and the traditional marketing workflow. The creatives want a well-established design concept and idea where the marketing folks are focused on engagement and bottom dollar. As a technical communicator, this collaboration is his specialty and can help establish an efficient system to keep everyone happy and successful moving forward.

Adobe Creative Suite • Apple Apps • Mobile Apps

Adobe Credentials

Since he loves to learn, he is always developing and refining his technical skills. This also means that Jeremiah stay’s current with the newest software and design trends. It can be a lot of work trying to stay on top of the fast paced creative and marketing environment. New technology means you need to be first to the party to capitalize on the advantages and shake up the market. As a Google Educator, Adobe Certified Associate, Adobe Certified Expert, Adobe Education Leader, Adobe Campus Leader, and Adobe Education Trainer, Jeremiah has networked into that environment and am able to bring you the most up to date information and trends to guarantee your success.