I’ve always been an entrepreneur even when I was a little kid. I would make different things out of paper and walk down to the beach/playground by my grandma’s house and try to sell them. I would run car washes and Kool-aid stands and I even tried to sell tickets for people to tour the gardens in my grandmother’s backyard (this was all before the age of 10).┬áSo naturally, when I was in college, I started my own company, JBaumann Consulting LLC and eventually branched out JBaumann Photography as well.


JBaumann Consulting LLC – Est 2008

JBaumann Consulting was a way for me to make some cash to be able to continually upgrade my electronics. Since my “toy” habit was expensive, I took my hobbies of web design and photography and started taking on little freelance jobs. This than grew as I did. I focused on providing website hosting opportunities and marketing consultations for small/starting businesses. I realized how much I enjoyed the business start-up process and how I could help those who struggled with the technical side get on their feet. JBaumann Consulting has gone through a bit of rebranding with a re-focus now on technology training and marketing consulting. As a certified Adobe Expert, JBaumann Consulting allows me the chance to help other creatives accomplish their passion projects and further develop their skills.


JBaumann Photography – Est 2010

As my photography skills grew, I knew I needed to brand myself. I was getting requests for photos and prints and finally started booking weddings and client portrait sessions. JBaumann Photography, which operates under JBaumann Consulting, allowed me to expand my reach and become an established photographer in the area. As opportunities continued to arise, I found myself attracted to the high paced action of sports photography. Currently you will find me at Michigan Tech Hockey and Football games taking photos, and even on the sidelines of an occasional NFL game.